Composite Test Fixtures

Composite Test Fixtures

The importance of composite materials is increasing day by day in the developing world conditions. There are many different kinds of composite types that are used commonly in industry and they all must be tested for both as material and product. Reinforced composite tests, engineered composites tests, ceramic matrix composites tests, polymer matrix composites tests, honeycomb composites tests, metal matrix composites tests, fiber reinforced plastic composites tests, composite laminates tests are common composite tests nowadays.


With the increase of the areas where composite materials are used, the requirement of composite material tests has increased. These test types are usually as follows:


Torsion Tests for Composites, Composite Tensile Test, Climbing Drum Peel Tests, Fracture Toughness Test, Fatigue Test for Composites , Stress Strain Image Correlation Test, Composites Fastener Test, Pull-Through Test Composites, Composite Shear Test, 3 and 4 Point Flexural Bend Test Composites, Composite Bearing Response Test, Plastics Composites Compression Tests, Composite Materials Open-Hole Strength Tests, 45 Degree Tension Test of In-Plane Shear Modulus and Strength, Apparent Interlaminar Shear Strength by Short-Beam Tests etc.

All of these tests are commonly applied by using specially designed grips and fixtures.

These custom designed fixtures aid in the proper alignment of test samples, help ensure failure in the specific mode being tested, and prevent load application which could damage the composite microstructure and adversely impact the test results.

Retrofitmach offers lots of grip and fixture options, to perform composite tests.

Retrofitmach offers composite test fixtures for using not only for ambiant temperature, but also high and low temperature applications.

These test fixtures could be used for automotive test, aerospace components tests, biomedical material tests etc.


Lots of ASTM and ISO have developed standard test methods for testing composite materials. Some of composite tests standards that Retrofitmach produces custom fixures are following:

ASTM C1499 Test Fixtures, ASTM C393 Test Fixtures, ASTM D2343 Test Fixtures, ASTM D3039 Test Fixtures, ASTM D3479 Test Fixtures, ASTM D3518 Test Fixtures, ASTM D4255 Test Fixtures, ASTM D5379 Test Fixtures, ASTM D5961 Test Fixtures, ASTM D6272 Test Fixtures, ASTM D6415 Test Fixtures, ASTM D6416 Test Fixtures, ASTM D7137 Test Fixtures, ASTM D7205 Test Fixtures, ASTM D7264 Test Fixtures, ASTM D7332 Test Fixtures, ISO 15024 Test Fixtures, ISO 15490 Test Fixtures



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