Retrofitmach integrates all types of extensometers to customer's existing machines.

We are the supplier of tensile test extensometers, compression test deflection gauges and transversal extensometers.




Automatic Extensometers                                                          Clip-on Extensometers

High Temperature Extensometers                                             Deflection Gauges

Diametral (Tranverse) Extensometers                                       Long Travel Extensometers


Automatic Extensometers

The automatic extensometers are suitable for almost all samples from a

Clip-On Extensometers

These extensometers are intended for testing a wide scope of materials,

Deflection Gauge

Widely used for measuring deformations in three and four point bending

Long Travel Extensometers

Long Travel ExtensometersRetrofitmach long travel extensometers are precise devices for measuring

Diametral Extensometer

Transversal ExtensometersDesigned for general purpose transverse or diametral strainmeasurement on axially

Video Extensometers

Contactless Strain Sensor for Material TestingVideo extensometers capable of performing proper

High Temperature Extensometers

High Temperature ExtensometersClass 0.5 strain measurement according to ISO 9513High precision

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