About Us

Retrofitmach was established to do test instrument upgrade, maintenance, modernisation and calibration service.

Retrofitmach is a global company to upgrade test machines whole around the world. It is not important which country you are located in. Our company has a wide service field and our experienced service engineers will help you to ensure that your testing is being performed accordingly to the current standards eventhough with old testing machines. Our professional team is the best of their branches and has been making retrofit service for long years.

Retrofitmach provides the possibility to easily upgrade your existing test machine with a new controller, new test fixtures or making it more durable so that you can benefit from new technology and modern innovations.

In addition to providing test machine retrofit service, Retrofitmach offers customers new test fixtures, grips, extensometers supply and also repairing your existing machine elements such as servo valve, loadcell, torque sensor etc.

Following Machines are able to upgrade according to customer requirements:


Universal testing systems manufactured by Instron, Zwick Roell, Satec, MTS, Tinius Olsen, Baldwin, Forney, Adamel Lhomargy, Testometric, Galdabini, Walter Bai, Ibertest, Deltalab, Hounsfıeld, Schenck, Admet, Test Resources, Controls, Hegewald-Peschke, Labortech, Shimadzu, Impact, PTS and others are all capable of being upgraded.


To define and request for machine upgrade, please fill the relevant form to your existing test machine. Click here to find the forms.



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