Test Benches

Test Benches

Test Benches are produced according to custom test requirements. Test Benches, Portal frames, T Slot tables and actuator combinations can be chosen by customer according to test application.



We design and produce custom test benches with quick delivery times. Just tell us your requirements! We will deliver your special workbench for your project in a very short time. Contact us now.





Retrofitmach offers precise products at the highest level!
We design and produce custom test bench plates for all your different test applications. 
The plates are often the main components of test benches and are used for highly various test processes. Our test benches are produced according to required standards by Retrofitmach and test plates are designed for your application dimensions. Retrofitmach test benches are generally vibration isolated to achive maximum precision and reliability. They can handle static or dynamic loads with both very high, or very low frequencies.



    Test Benches are designed  according to your special test application needs.

    Meet Retrofitmach for high quality, cost effective solutions.






We are specialists in providing individual solutions for highly specific clamping technology, measurement and test technology. We have an expert team with which we provide complete solutions with optimum reliability, quality and precision to your variable applications.

We are happy to answer all of your questions related to special test bench applications, different types of test constructions and we develop custom and economical solutions.





  We design and manufacture custom test benches with fast delivery times. That's why we are different!

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