Hydraulic Power Unit Modernisation

Hydraulic Power Unit Modernisation

Retrofitmach offers hydraulic power unit modernisation, hydraulic element repair or change (if required) service with innovative and high precision components.

Hydraulic power unit retrofit including the following transactions: 
• Actuator maintenance
• Accumulator system maintenance
• Hydraulic oil tank maintenance
• Record, pipe and hose maintenance
• Heat exchanger maintenance
• Servo valves control, repair or addition.
• Linear position sensor installation
• Filter maintenance
• Temperature control system addition
In case of servo valves change, users can choose the brands of Moog, PTL or Star Hdraulic servo valves.
According to user requirements, retrofitmach engineers design and supply a new hydraulic power unit with proper hydraulic elements.



Retrofitmach integrate the all type of extensometers to customer's existing machines.

Test Benches

Retrofitmach Test Benches

High Temperature Test Furnaces

Retrofitmach offers high temperature test furnaces for high temperature mechanical testing applications; ISO 6892-2, ASTM E139, ASTM D2990 etc.

Environmental Chambers

Environmental chambers provide wide temperature range testing solutions for measuring material properties under high temperature and low temperature conditions.

Composite Test Fixtures

Flexural Bend Test Fixtures

Grips And Test Fixtures

Retrofitmach produces many kinds of test fixtures depending on customer requirements.

Induction Systems for Test Machines

Induction Systems for Test Machines

ASTM Test Fixtures

ASTM Test Fixtures for composites, biomechanical tests, adhesive tests, peeling tests etc.