Modernisation Of Testing Instrument
Modernisation Of Testing Instrument

Test standards are upgraded continuously and mechanical test requirements change day by day. Because of material testing is an innovative application, existing machines will be inadequate some years later from purchasing.

To make existing testing machines suitable for current applications, the test machine modernisations are more efficient and cheaper alternative than buying new test equipment.

Test machine upgrade can be made by following revisions:

  • Data Acqusition System and new electronic control unit addition
  • Test Machine Mechanical Maintenance
  • Test Machine Hydraulic Power Unit Maintenance and New Hydraulic Power Unit / Hydraulic Element Addition
  • Test Machine Grip and Fixture Design and Production
  • Test Machine Accesories Addition

Retrofitmach makes modernisation Electromechanic and Hydraulic Dynamic and Static test machines manufactured by Instron, Satec, Mts, Tinius Olsen, Baldwin, Forney, Adamel Lhomargy, Instron, Testometrıc, Galdabini, Deltalab, Hounsfıeld, Zwıck Roell, Schenck, Sintech, Tinius Olsen Test Machine Retrofits.


Retrofitmach integrate the all type of extensometers to customer's existing machines.

Environmental Chambers

Environmental chambers provide wide temperature range testing solutions for measuring material properties under high temperature and low temperature conditions.

Induction Systems for Test Machines

Induction Systems for Test Machines

High Temperature Test Furnaces

Retrofitmach offers high temperature test furnaces for high temperature mechanical testing applications; ISO 6892-2, ASTM E139, ASTM D2990 etc.

Test Benches

Retrofitmach Test Benches

Grips And Test Fixtures

Grip And Test Fixture

Composite Test Fixtures

Flexural Bend Test Fixtures

Servo Valves

Retrofitmach supplies servo valves of the brands below from 5 liters to 2400 liters/min.

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