Walter bai retrofit

Modernisation Of Testing Instruments

UNIVERSAL TEST MACHINE RETROFITSYou can upgrade any brand test machine to increase the accuracy and capability of your testing machine.Tension and compression testers, fatigue testers, special test benches are durable capital goods and can be upgraded. If the test requirement profile changes or the technical developement has increased quickly, so that exisiting systems have become over aged and unpractical, user needs See More

Electromechanic Test Machine Retrofits

Universal testing systems manufactured by Instron, Zwıck Roell, Satec, MTS, Tinius Olsen, Baldwin, Forney, Adamel Lhomargy, Testometric, Galdabini, Walter Bai, Ibertest, Deltalab, Hounsfıeld, Schenck, Admet, Test Resources, Controls, Hegewald-Peschke, Labortech, Shimadzu, Impact, PTS and others are all capable of being upgraded.Modernisation of Screw Driven InstrumentsRetrofitmach is making retrofit and modernisation of electromechanic material testers. We supply the complete system - starting See More

New Machine for Retrofit! Electromechanical Test Machine

Retrofitmach has already begun to recreate its new machine for modernization!The machine will See More