Test machine upgrade

Zwick Electromechanic Test Machine Modernisation

Zwick Electromechanic Test Machine ModernisationRetrofitmach makes test machines retrofits by modernisation, maintenance and upgrade. This type of modernisations are generally performed as test equipment electronic and software replacement and upgrade, new extensometer integration for testers, new test fixture production for testing machines and some additional component integrations and repairing of test machines.Retrofitmach provides old Zwick Test Machine Modernisation with new Doli See More

Modernisation Of Testing Instruments

UNIVERSAL TEST MACHINE RETROFITSYou can upgrade any brand test machine to increase the accuracy and capability of your testing machine.Tension and compression testers, fatigue testers, special test benches are durable capital goods and can be upgraded. If the test requirement profile changes or the technical developement has increased quickly, so that exisiting systems have become over aged and unpractical, user needs See More

Hydraulic Testing Machine Retrofits

STATIC HYDRAULIC TESTERS MODERNISATIONModernisation and maintaining the value of material testers with hydraulic drives.Testers with hydraulic cylinders are retrofitting and modernising by Retrofitmach. We deliver the complete system: starting with the transducer excitation and the signal conversion up to the digital drive control, in the appropriate mode.Besides the valve amplifier we also deliver the respective hydraulic valve, continently a new hydraulic See More

Test Machine Upgrade With New Controller Technology

Test Machine Upgrade With New Controller TechnologyGenerally the control system determines the sensitivity in a test machine. Software and electronics are constantly changing with the developing technology. Test systems that do not have a big problem in their frames and mechanics are modernized with high precision control systems and electrical power units and comply with current standards.Existing test systems can be See More

Ana Sayfa Sabit

Modernisation Of Testing InstrumentTest standards are upgraded continuously and mechanical test requirements change day by day. Because of material testing is an innovative application, existing machines will be inadequate some years later from purchasing.To make existing testing machines suitable for current applications, the test machine modernisations are more efficient and cheaper alternative than buying new test equipment.Test machine upgrade can be See More

Test Machine Upgrade Stages

Retrofitmach provides the facility to easily upgrade your existing test machine with a new controller, new fixtures See More

High Temperature Test Furnaces

Retrofitmach develops, manufactures and supplies products for quality assessment in material testing under high temperature (HT).Our mission is to determine the previously unknown requirements of the customers for high temperature test equipments in order to create technically optimal solutions.Suitable forvariety of high temperature tests, including tension, compression, bending and fatigue testing of metals, composites, ceramics and many other materials.Retrofitmach develops different See More