Test machine repair

Mechanical Maintenance

Test Machine Repairing ServiceTo make existing testing machines suitable for the current applications, the test machine modernizations are more efficient and cheaper alternative than buying a new test equipment.In addition to Electronic Control Unit Modernization, some mechanical maintenances could be required to make the existing test machine efficient.Mechanical system modernization includes following actions: Grips and fixtures will be checked by specialists. Existing See More

Modernisation Of Testing Instruments

UNIVERSAL TEST MACHINE RETROFITSYou can upgrade any brand test machine to increase the accuracy and capability of your testing machine.Tension and compression testers, fatigue testers, special test benches are durable capital goods and can be upgraded. If the test requirement profile changes or the technical developement has increased quickly, so that exisiting systems have become over aged and unpractical, user needs See More

About Us

Retrofitmach was established to do test instrument upgrade, maintenance, modernisation and calibration service.Retrofitmach is a global company to upgrade test machines whole around the world. It is not important which country you are located in. Our company has a wide service field and our experienced service engineers will help you to ensure that your testing is being performed accordingly to the See More