EXTENSOMETER OPTIONSRetrofitmach supplies worldwide brand extensometers to customer, according to budget and requirements. Automatic Extensometers Clip-on Extensometers High Temperature Extensometers Long Travel Extensometers Transverse Extensometers Deflection GaugesAutomatic ExtensometersThe automatic extensometers are suitable for almost all samples from a gauge length of 10 mm. Because of its rugged construction and high accuracy, they nearly meet all the applications in measurement of linear strain (determination of the E-modulus up See More

ASTM D695 Compression Testing for Rigid Plastics Test Fixtures

ASTM D695 Compression Testing Fixture For Plastics And ElastomersASTM D695 testencompass mechanical assets of strenghtened/unstrenghtened inflexible or high-modulus composite plastics while compressurised loading.During lowly rates of straining and loading ASTM D695 testis used.Compressing tests ensure data of the pressurized assets of plastics during used under conditions roughly those under that these tests are accomplished.ASTM D695 test is commonly used for detection See More


Retrofitmach integrates all types of extensometers to customer's existing machines.We are the supplier of tensile test extensometers, compression test deflection gauges and transversal extensometers.EXTENSOMETER OPTIONSAutomatic Extensometers Clip-on ExtensometersHigh Temperature Extensometers See More

Deflection Gauge

Widely used for measuring deformations in three and four point bending tests, compression tests and a variety of general purpose deformations. These strain gaged devices come with a magnetic base for easy mounting.Features• Full bridge, 350 ohm strain gaged design for compatibility with nearly any test system.• All standard units have linearity readings of 0.25% or better.• Rugged, dual flexure design See More