Mechanical Testing of Composites (Composite Test Fixtures)

Mechanical Testing of Composites (Composite Test Fixtures)

Mechanical Testing of Composites (Composite Test Fixtures)

Composites are widely used in many industries due to their exceptional strength and different mechanical properties while being so light.

There are many test applications such as Compression, Tensile, Shear, Fatigue tests to measure the strength and durability of composite materials. In order to apply these applications to samples, it is our job to design test fixtures in accordance with standards such as ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN, JIS, MIL-STD, VDA, BIS in accordance with sample sizes and to produce them with the highest quality materials.


Different Mechanical Tests applied to Composite Materials:

Composite Tensile Testing

Ceramic Matrix Composite Testing

Composite Fatigue Testing

Composite Sandwich Panel Testing

Composite Damage Tolerance Testing

Open Hole Compression (OHC) and Composite Tensile Test (Notch Test)

Shear Testing of Composites

Composite Compression Testing

ASTM D3039 Tensile Testing of PMCs


Common Composite Test Fixtures:

DIN 51220, Airbus QVA-Z11-01-00, Airbus QVA-Z11-01-03, ISO 13802, EN 10045-2, DIN 51230, ISO 7500-1, -2, ASTM E4, ISO 9513, ISO 5893, ASTM E83, ASTM E1012, ISO 23788, Nadcap AC 7122/Annex A, ASTM D5229, EN 2489, EN 2823, EN 2489, EN 2744, EN 2743, EN 2823, SACMA SRM 11, ISO 1268, ISO 9353, EN 2374, EN 2565, EN 12576, DIN 65071, ISO 2818, ASTM E1237, ASTM D4762, ISO 20144, ASTM D6856, ASTM D3878, ISO 3341, ISO 3342, ISO 3375, ISO 11566, ISO 10618, ASTM D4018, ISO 9163, ASTM D3916, ASTM D5450, DIN 65469, DIN 29971, ISO 527-1, -4, -5, ASTM D3039, ASTM D7565, ASTM D3552, EN 2561, EN 2597, DIN 65378, AITM 1-0007, Airbus QVA-Z10-46-34, Airbus QVA-Z10-46-36, AITM 1-0049, Boeing BSS 7320, SACMA SRM 4R-94, SACMA SRM 9-94, TR 88012, CRAG Methods 300-303, AITM 1-0029, ISO 20975-1, -2, ASTM D7291, ASTM D7291, ASTM D5766, ASTM 6742, AITM 1.0007, EN 6035, AITM 1-0050, SACMA SRM 5-94, NASA RP 1092 ST-3, ASTM E132, ISO 527-4, -5, ISO 3597-3, ASTM D5449, ASTM D5467, ISO 14126 Method 2, ASTM D695, EN 2850 B, DIN 65375, JIS K7076, Boeing BSS 7260, SACMA SRM 1R-94, SACMA SRM 6-94, ISO 14126 Method 1, ASTM D3410, EN 2850 A, JIS K7076, AITM 1-0008, Airbus QVA-Z10-46-38, ISO 14126 Method 2, ASTM D6641, ASTM C1358, AITM 1-0008, ISO 12817, ASTM D6484, ASTM D6742, AITM 1-0008, Boeing BSS 7260 - Type 1, SACMA SRM 3R-94, NASA RP 1092, ASTM D6264, ISO 18352, ASTM D7136, ASTM D7137, SACMA SRM 2R-94, DIN 65561, NASA RP 1092 ST-1, AITM 1-0076, ISO 14125, ASTM D790, ASTM D7264, EN 2562, EN 2746, ISO 3597-2, ASTM D4476, EN 13706-2, ASTM D6415, AITM 1-0069, ISO 14130, ASTM D2344, EN 2377, EN 2563, JIS K7078, ISO 19927, ISO 3597-4, ASTM D4475, IPS ISO 14129, ASTM D3518, EN 6031, DIN 65466, JIS K7079, ISO 15310 ASTM D5448 ASTM D3846, ASTM D3914, ASTM D7616, ASTM D5868, EN 2243-1, EN 2243-6, EN 6060, DIN 65148, ASTM D4255, ASTM D5379, ASTM D7078, ISO 20337, DIN EN ISO 20337, ISO 12815, ASTM D5961, ASTM D7248, EN 6037, DIN 65562, ASTM D7332, AITM 1-0066  EN 13706-2 ISO 15024, ASTM D5528, EN 6033, AITM 1-0005, AITM 1-0053, Boeing BSS 7273, Boeing BMS 8-276, ASTM D7905, EN 6034, AITM 1-0006, ISO 15114, AITM 1-0068 ASTM D6671, ISO 13003, ASTM D3479, AITM 1-0075, ASTM D7615, ASTM D6873, AITM 1-0074, ASTM D6115, ASTM D2583, EN 59  ISO 75-1, -3, ASTM D648 ASTM D7737 ASTM D256, ISO 180 ISO 179-1, -2, ASTM C297, ASTM D1623, EN 2243-4, DIN 53292, AITM 1-0025, ASTM D6790, ASTM C363, AITM 1-0061, Airbus QV-Z10-46-45 AITM 1-0062, Airbus QVA-Z10-46-46, ASTM C365, ISO 844, DIN 53291 Airbus QVA-Z10-46-17, ASTM D7336, AITM 1-0077, ASTM C393, ASTM D6416, ASTM D7249, ASTM D7956, DIN 53293, ASTM 273, ASTM D8067, DIN 53294, AITM 1-0030, AITM 1-0046, AITM 1-0056, Airbus QVA-Z10-46-06, ASTM D7250, ASTM D1781, DIN 53295, AITM 1-0080, Airbus QVA-Z10-46-05, Airbus QVA-Z10-46-02, ASTM D1876, ASTM D3167, ISO 4578, Airbus QVA-Z10-46-03, ASTM D480, ASTM C394, ASTM D7766.


We design test fixtures suitable for your samples of all sizes, manufacture them with high quality materials and send them to you quickly. Please contact us to get our best price offers.

Induction Systems for Test Machines

Induction Systems for Test Machines

Grips And Test Fixtures

Grip And Test Fixture


Retrofitmach integrate the all type of extensometers to customer's existing machines.

Composite Test Fixtures

Flexural Bend Test Fixtures

Test Benches

Retrofitmach Test Benches

Servo Valves

Retrofitmach supplies servo valves of the brands below from 5 liters to 2400 liters/min.

High Temperature Test Furnaces

Retrofitmach offers high temperature test furnaces for high temperature mechanical testing applications; ISO 6892-2, ASTM E139, ASTM D2990 etc.

Environmental Chambers

Environmental chambers provide wide temperature range testing solutions for measuring material properties under high temperature and low temperature conditions.

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