Induction Systems for Test Machines
Induction Systems for Test Machines


Induction heating systems provide the benefit of fast heating and cooling phases. This heating system is suitable especially for high temperature testing on metallic specimens. With the use of susceptor, testing of non-metallic specimens is also possible.  These induction heaters, heats up and cools down fast so that time effective solutions are achieved.

Retrofitmach uses multi-coil induction system for high temperature tests.

The systems could be used for TMF (Thermomechanical Fatigue Test), High Temperature Tensile Tests, High Temperature Compression Tests.

Retrofitmach offers induction systems up to 2000 °C.

We integrate the induction system to your existing machines without the need for overhead and processing on the existing system. Retrofitmach adds induction systems to all kind of your machines.

These systems are also using for Combined Thermal and Mechanical Load Testing.

Available test standards:

ASTM E2368 Standard Practice for Strain Controlled Thermomechanical Fatigue Testing

ISO 12111 Metallic Materials - Fatigue Testing - Strain Controlled Thermomechanical Fatigue Testing Method



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