Grips And Test Fixtures

Grips And Test Fixtures

Retrofitmach produces many kinds of fixtures depending on customer requirements. Designing, engineering and production of the custom apparatus are made by our engineers. Retrofitmach can design various apparatus according to different standards.


What we design?

Compression platens, Bending test fixtures, Shear grips, Eccentric roller grips, Pincer grips, Vice grips, Ribon grips, Wedge grips, Chuck grips, Button head grips, Thread head grips, Rope grips, Pneumatic grips, Hydraulic grips, Peel grips, Compression cages, Test fixture adapters, Puncure test fixtures, Torsion test fixtures, Sample preparation cuts and dies. 


Retrofitmach offers 5 years warranty for all test fixtures!



Tensile Test Grips

Design and produce different kind of tensile test grips according to

Composite Test Fixtures

The importance of composite materials is increasing day by day in

Biomedical Test Fixtures

Biomedical implant tests, prothesis tests and biomaterial tests commonly used by

Special Test Fixtures

Different test specimens andtesting standards will require different fixturing, these test

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