Retrofitmach supplies worldwide brand extensometers to customer, according to budget and requirements.

  • Automatic Extensometers
  • Clip-on Extensometers
  • High Temperature Extensometers
  • Long Travel Extensometers
  • Transverse Extensometers
  • Deflection Gauges


Automatic Extensometers

The automatic extensometers are suitable for almost all samples from a gauge length of 10 mm. Because of its rugged construction and high accuracy, they nearly meet all the applications in measurement of linear strain (determination of the E-modulus up to sample fracture). They work without restrictions in both the upper as well as the lower testing area.



Accuracy class 0.5 (EN ISO 9513)

Resolution max. 0.01 µm (1 Vpp) or 0.05 µm (RS422/TTL)

Gauge length from 10 mm

Automatic movement to the position and initial gauge length


Automatic attachment on the specimen

Measuring travel up to 800 mm minus gauge length (for higer travel please define exact system)

Low activating force (max 10 cN)

Operating range in upper and lower testing space possible

Combinable with the transversal extensometer

Sample Dimensions

Round samples up to Ø 80 mm

Square samples up to 70 x 70 mm

Rectangular samples (width / thickness) 360 / 50 mm

Other dimensions are available on request

Test Benches

Retrofitmach Test Benches

Composite Test Fixtures

Flexural Bend Test Fixtures

Environmental Chambers

Environmental chambers provide wide temperature range testing solutions for measuring material properties under high temperature and low temperature conditions.


Retrofitmach integrate the all type of extensometers to customer's existing machines.

ASTM Test Fixtures

ASTM Test Fixtures for composites, biomechanical tests, adhesive tests, peeling tests etc.

Induction Systems for Test Machines

Induction Systems for Test Machines

Grips And Test Fixtures

Retrofitmach produces many kinds of test fixtures depending on customer requirements.

High Temperature Test Furnaces

Retrofitmach offers high temperature test furnaces for high temperature mechanical testing applications; ISO 6892-2, ASTM E139, ASTM D2990 etc.