Automatic Extensometers

Automatic Extensometers

The automatic extensometers are suitable for almost all samples from a gauge length of 10 mm to 1000 mm. Because of its rugged construction and high accuracy, nearly meets all applications in measurement of linear strain. They work without restrictions in both the tensile and compression direction during the tests.
The automatic extensometers can be integrated to test systems and can be controled with Test & Motion testing software or the most of the other test softwares. The extensometers has featured such as automated gauge length, reference arm position and automatic opening and closing of the arms before and after testing.

The accurate measuring arms has low weight, thus removing any influence on the material properties under test. The measuring arms are motor driven and will automatically position themselves to the correct position and gauge length every time.



Accuracy class 0.5 (EN ISO 9513)

Resolution max. 0.01 µm (1 Vpp) or 0.05 µm (RS422/TTL)

Gauge length from 10 mm

Automatic movement to the position and initial gauge length

Automatic attachment on the specimen

Measuring travel up to 800 mm minus gauge length (for higher travel please define exact system)

Low activating force (max 10 cN)

Operating range in upper and lower testing space possible

Combinable with the transversal extensometer

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