Biomedical Test Fixtures

Biomedical Test Fixtures

Biomedical implant tests, prothesis tests and biomaterial tests commonly used by research laboratories and manufacturers of biomedical product manufacturers.

Biomedical test fixtures are used for many types of medical product tests such as; catheters tests, endoscopes tests, dental implant tests, medical packaging tests, orthapedics product tests, sutures tests, bandages tests, syringes and needles tests etc.

Retrofitmach produces test fixtures according to static biomedical tests, biomedical fatigue tests, biomedical torsion tests, axial torsion tests for biomedical devices and wearing tests for implants and biomedical materials.

Some of current standards that Retrofitmach produced test fixtures accordingly, are following:

ASTM F1264 Test Fixture, ASTM F382  Test Fixture, ASTM F12189  Test Fixture, ASTM F1717  Test Fixture, ASTM F1541  Test Fixture, ASTM F543  Test Fixture, ASTM F2193  Test Fixture, ISO 12189  Test Fixture, ISO 14801  Test Fixture, ISO 7206-4  Test Fixture, ISO 7206-6  Test Fixture,  ISO 14879  Test Fixture, ASTM F1800  Test Fixture, ASTM F564   Test Fixture, ASTM F 24234  Test Fixture, ASTM F1614  Test Fixture, ASTM F2502  Test Fixture, ASTM F2077  Test Fixture, ASTM F1820  Test Fixture, ASTM F1798  Test Fixture, ISO 7206-10  Test Fixture, ASTM F1839  Test Fixture, ISO 14242  Test Fixture, ISO 14243  Test Fixture, ISO 16402  Test Fixture, ISO 18192  Test Fixture, ISO 14879  Test Fixture, ASTM F2790  Test Fixture, ASTM F2777-10  Test Fixture, ASTM F2028  Test Fixture etc.

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