Tensile Test Grips

Tensile Test Grips

Design and produce different kind of tensile test grips according to all types of test benches. 

Retrofitmach produces wide range of tensile test grips for any material and according to all standards. 

We design test fixtures that are suitable for customer's existing machine connection and mounting dimensions and produce test fixtures according to all standards.

There are lots of tensile grips accoding to materials and test types, that are produced by Retrofitmach.

Pneumatic Tensile Test Grips, Hydraulic Tensile Test Grips, Eccentric Test Grip, Vise Grips, Roller Grips, Wedge Grips, Shear Grips, Pincer Grips, Collet Grips, Chuck Grips, Thread Head Grip, Peel Grips, Compact Tension Grips, Plastic Tensile Grips, Metal Tensile Test Grips, Composite Tensile Test Grips, Rubber Tensile Test Grips, Paper Tensile Test Grips, Rope Tensile Test Grips, Wire Tensile Test Grips, Chain Tensile Test Grips 


ASTM D897 Tensile Test Fixture,  Adhesive Bonds Test Grip, Mechanical Wedge Grip, Adhesive Test Fixture
ASTM D2095 Clevis Grips,  Adhesive Tensile Tests
ASTM F2258 Tensile Fixture, Tissue Adhesives Tensile Test, Biomedical Test Fixture
ASTM C749 Test Fixture, ASTM C749A Test Fixture, Carbon and Graphite Shoulder Loading Tensile Fixture, ASTM C749B Test Fixture, Carbon Graphite Tensile Fixture
ASTM C1359 Tensile Test Fixture, Ceramic Tension at Elevated Temperature Fixture
Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite Test Fixture, ASTM D7291 Tensile Test Fixture,  Through Thickness Tensile Fixture
ASTM D4595 Tensile Test Fixture, Wide Width Tensile Grip, Geotextiles Tensile Test Fixture, Mechanical Vice Grip
ASTM E8 Tension Test Grip, Tensile Thread Grips for Bolts, Capstan Tensile Grips, Wire Rope Cable Test Grip, Mechanical Wedge Grip, Wire Test Grip,  ASTM A27 Steel Castings Test, ASTM A29 Steel Bars Test, ASTM A53 Pipe Test, ASTM A109 Steel Test, ASTM A269 Test, ASTM A488 Test, ASTM A536 Test, ASMT A641 Test, ASTM A653 Test, ASTM A1008 Test, ASTM A1018 Test, ASTM A1064 Test, ASTM B3 Test, ASTM B36 Test, ASTM B96 Test, ASTM B103 Test, ASTM B108 Test, ASTM B122 Test, ASTM B152 Test, ASTM B209 Test, ASTM B210 Test, ASTM B211 Test, ASTM B221 Test, ASTM B241 Test, ASTM B247 Test, ASTM B265 Test, ASTM B308 Test, ASTM B348 Test, ASTM B367 Test, ASTM B557 Test, ASTM B591 Test, ASTM B861 Test, ASTM B862 Test, ASTM B863 Test, ASTM D1002 Test, ASTM D3528 Test, ASTM D5656 Test, ASTM E345 Test, ASTM F2516 Test, ASTM A370 Test, ASTM B557 Tension Cast Aluminum Magnesium Test
ASTM D2105 Tensile Grip, Fiberglass Pipe and Tube Tensile Test Grip, Reinforce Polymer Mortar Pipe Test, Fiberglass Pipes Test Fixture, RPMP Test Fixture, RTRP Test Fixture, Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Pipe Test Fixture, 
Mechanical Vice Grip, ASTM D638 Test Fixture, Plastic Tensile Test Grip, Plastics Tensile Strength Test
Sandwich Panels Test Fixture, ASTM D883 Test Fixture, ASTM E691 Test Fixture, Foam Test Grip, ASTM D1623 Method A Tensile Test Grip, Bond Grips, Rigid Cellular Plastics Test Grip, ASTM D1623 Method B Tensile Adhesion Fixture
ASTM D751 Breaking Strength, ASTM D751 Bursting Strength, ASTM D751 Puncture Resistance, ASTM D751 Tearing Strength, ASTM D751 Adhesion of Coating to Fabric, ASTM D751 Tack-Tear Resistance, ASTM D751 Seam Strength, ASTM D751 Crush Resistance, Tack-tear Fixture, Crush Resistance Fixture, ASTM D751 Grab Test Fixture, Burst Puncture Test Fixture, Pneumatic Side Opening Grip, Sample Cutting, Mechanical Vice Action Grip, Textile fixture, 
ASTM D4851 Tensile Test Fabric Fixture
ASTM D6775 Tension Fixture, 
ASTM A185 Tension Test Fixture Welded Wire
ASTM D1037 3 Point Bend Fixture, ASTM D1037 Tensile Fixture - Wood Fiber Particle Board, 4 Point Flexural Bending Fixture, Tensile Wedge Grips Wood Fiber Particle Board
ASTM D1062 Cleavage Test Fixture
Mechanical Wedge Grip, Tensile Mechanical Wedge Grip, Mechanical Wedge Tension Fatigue Grip, Wedge Action Grips,Custom Wedge Grip,  
Mechanical Wedge Grip, Special Side Action Grips,Tensile Grip for Insulation Foam, Tensile Grip for Round Pipe,  Side Action Grip, Tensile Grip for Wide Sheet, Lap Shear Tensile Grip, Geotextile Tensile Grip, Side Action Grips for High Force
Pneumatic Tensile Grip, Pneumatic Grip, Lightweight Pneumatic Side Opening Grip, Pincer Pneumatic Grip, Pneumatic Vice Grip, 
Pneumatic Cylinder Grip,Pneumatic Wedge Grip
Hydraulic Side Action Grips
Hydraulic Wedge Grip, Hydraulic Fatigue Grip, Fatigue Hydraulic Wedge Grip, Axial Torsional Hydraulic Wedge Grip
Tensile Capstan Grip, Tensile Wire Capstan, Cord & Yarn Grips, Manual Capstan Grips, Pneumatic Capstan Grip, Roller Grip for Strapping, Capstan Tensile Grips, Capstan Grips, Ribbon Grips, Tensile Grip, Bollard Horn Style Capstan Grip, 
Tensile Eccentric Roller Grips, Spring Loaded Scissor Grips, Scissor Tensile Grips,  Stainless Steel Grip, Extra Wide Opening Grips
Tensile Spring Loaded Pincer Vice Grips, Pincer Pneumatic Grip, Needlenose Grip, 
Sample Holder, Buttonhead Holder, Tensile Buttonhead Holders, Tensile Thread Grips for Bolts, High Alignment Mechanical Grip, High Temperature High Alignment Hydraulic Grips, Side Inserting Holders, Shear Test on Wire, Collar, 
Wire Terminal Grip, Ammunition Cartridge Shell Casing Holder, Tensile Strength of Caps, Syringe Holder, Cap Pull Test Fixture, Slotted Universal Tensile Fixture,  Tensile Holder, Cork Pull Test Fixture, Flexible Adapter, Syringe Test Fixture, Tensile Chuck for Rounds, Tensile Clevis Grips, Tensile Universal Joint, Tensile Strength of Sandwich Composites, Tensile Strength of Mortar, Tensile Adhesion of Thermal Spray Coating, Tensile O-Rings, Tensile Strength of O-Rings, Tensile of Adhesive Bonds, Foam Tensile Adhesion, Tensile Geogrid, Tension of Fabrics, Aramid Tensile, Fastener Pull Through Fixture, Tensile Fixture for Screws, 
O-Ring Grip, O-Ring Test Fixture, Tensile Fixture,  Tension of Fabrics, 
Mechanical Vice Grip, Automotive Test Fixture
ASTM D2229 Wire Rubber Adhesion Fixture
ASTM F543 Medical Bone Screw Test Fixture
ASTM C1273 Tensile Grip
ASTM D2519 Bond Strength Test Fixture
ASTM F1147 Fixture for Tensile Testing Calcium Phosphate
ASTM D5528 Fracture Toughness Fixture - Composites
Wedge Grip
ASTM D6671 Interlaminar Fracture Toughness Fixture
ASTM C307 Tension Fixture
Spring Loaded Scissor Grips, Sample Cutting Dies
Pneumatic Side Opening Grip, Mechanical Vice Action Grip, Mechanical Wedge Grip
ThreadeFasteners Grips, Washers Grip, Rivet Grip
ASTM A497 Test Fixture
ASTM B406 Transverse Rupture Fixture
ASTM E399 Fracture Toughness Clevis Grip Fixture, Fracture Mechanics Clevis Grips, High Temperature Fracture Mechanics Clevis Grips, Bend Fixture for Fracture Toughness Testing
ASTM D2290 Tension Fixtures
ASTM D1894 Coefficient of Friction (COF) Test Fixture
Capstan Webbing, Sheet & Ribbon Grips, Tensile Strap Webbing Ribbon Grips
ASTM D5179 Tension Adhesion Fixture
ASTM D1414 Motorized O-Ring Tensile Test Fixture
Tensile Eccentric Roller Grips, High Elongation Extensometer, Sample Cutting Dies
ASTM C947 Bend Fixture - Glass fiber concrete
ASTM D1683 Grab Test Grip
ASTM D4964 Tension Elastic Fabric Test Fixture
ASTM D7269 Tensile Fixture for Aramid Yarns
ASTM D143 Wood Tensile Fixture
ISO 11566 Single Fibre Pneumatic Tensile Grip
ISO 13503 Test Cell & Piston for Frac Sand Crush Resistance Test
ISO 8295 Friction Test Jig - Static and Kinetic
Tensile Strength Test
Tappi T 541 Tensile Bond Z Direction Fixture
Tappi T 549 Friction Test Jig - Static and Kinetic

Related Test Standards:


ISO 6892-1 Tensile Test, ISO 6892-2 Tensile Test, ISO 527 Tensile Test, ISO 638 Tensile Test, EN 10002 Tensile Test, ASTM E 399 Tensile Test, ASTM E 647 Tensile Test, ASTM E 813 Tensile Test, ASTM E 290 Tensile Test, BS 7448 Tensile Test, DIN 50125 Tensile Test, EN 13496 Tensile Test, ASTM D412 Tensile Test, EN 14891 Tensile Test, EN 1348 Tensile Test

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