ASTM D1781 Climbing Drum Peel Test Fixtures

ASTM D1781 Climbing Drum Peel Test Fixtures

ASTM D1781 Climbing Drum Peel Fixture, Mechanical Vice Action Grip Test Fixtures

This test method covers the determination of the peel resistance of adhesive bonds between a relatively flexible adherend and a rigid adherend; and the relatively flexible facing of a sandwich structure and its core, when tested under specified conditions.

Peeling Apparatus, consisting of a flanged drum, flexible loading straps or cables, and suitable clamps for holding the test specimen.

ASTM D1781 Testing Procedure | Adhesives | Peel Testing

The climbing drum peel fixture with sample is mounted in the test frame.

Apply a tensile load at a constant rate of crosshead separation and determine the average peeling load between 1in and 6in of adherend separation. The corresponding amount of crosshead movement is dependent on the geometry of the climbing drum peel fixture.

Calculate and report the average peel torque. To ensure compliance, please read read the entire ASTM D1781 test specification prior to testing.


Average Peeling Load

Average Peel Torque

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