ASTM B571 Adhesion Metals Coating Bend Test Fixtures

ASTM B571 Adhesion Metals Coating Bend Test Fixtures



Standard Practice for Qualitative Adhesion Testing of Metallic Coatings


ASTM B571 measures a variety of physical properties of metal coating materials for instance gold, copper, silver and several others on their adhesion quality via several methods for quality standards comparisons.


These tests include:

- Bend testing for metallic coatings                                       - Saw testing of metallic coatings

- Burnish testing of metallic coatings                                    - Heat/quench testing of metallic coatings

- Chisel/knife testing of metallic coatings                              - Impact testing of metallic coatings

- Draw testing of metallic coatings                                        - Peel testing of metallic coatings

- File testing of metallic coatings                                           - Push testing of metallic coatings

- Grind testing of metallic coatings                                        - Scribe testing of metallic coatings


- Meets the requirements of ASTM B571 metallic coating bend test

- 90 degree; 90 to 30 degree and 120 to 60 degree adapters available

- Sliding Table for ASTM B571 metallic coating bend test

- Constant Angle using spring loaded lateral stage

- Fix to machine crosshead

- Using adhesive test for foil, coatings and tapes

- 60 mm wide x 300 mm long (other dimensions are available)

- With high stiffness construction - Up to 10 kN force capacity

- Using with upper Pull grip


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